Down for Maintenance

Stampboards at this moment is migrating to brand new and secure and powerful USA based servers, and at the SAME time, upgrading to the fastest and latest version of the phpBB software. WAY overdue, due to the huge size of the board. The world’s largest and best stamp Bulletin Board just got better still. And totally FREE to everyone as always.

This will take some hours - literally a million self-hosted images to move etc, and 6.5 million posts to Index and move etc - apologies for the short downtime today. Loading images will now be possible direct from your phone, or tablet, or laptop - a VAST improvement. And 20% LARGER size images will now be possible to load too, allowing for bigger details of designs, flaws and reference pages etc.

Blindingly fast, and far more accurate SEARCH results etc. “New Post” alerts by instant email advice will be restored again. (You can go into your preferences and select which threads you want to retain that for.) Visit out full function testing/playpen board NOW to see a near exact mirror copy of what you will be using - - road test it while you are there, to get the feel of it in advance! Your current user name/password works perfectly there.

Glen Stephens, owner